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Our Values and Mission

Since 1982, Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition has led the charge in our community in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse.

We’ve accomplished a lot through our prevention strategies. Because of our initiatives, here is some of our impact from just the past few years: 

-- More than 54,860 community members were reached through our prevention services. 

-- More than 40 new partners have joined our programs, generating more than $275,000 in new resources. 

-- 2,750 more high school students were alcohol-free and another 3,195 middle school students were drug-free. 

-- 2,600 high school and middle school students chose not to smoke marijuana. 

-- More than 1,300 students from 55 schools participated in our annual School Bus Poster Contest, which encouraged students to design anti-drinking posters for school buses and displays at the South Florida Fair. 

-- More than 150 youth took part on our annual Youth Summits to learn the leadership skills needed to drive down underage drinking and prevent drug use in their communities.  


Our Campaigns


2300 High Ridge Rd.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426