Did you know? For every dollar spent on drug prevention, it saves a community $8-$10 in the cost of drug treatment, law enforcement work, loss of work productivity, and many other societal expenses.

So when you support the work of the Substance Abuse Coalition to Behavioral Health Coalition, you help prevent negative social and economic consequences of drug abuse in our community.

By sponsoring us, you are helping us boost programing that reduces and prevents drug and alcohol abuse as well as creates supportive environments for youth and adults in Palm Beach County. 

The generous sponsorship support from our corporate partners and individuals enables us to reach students in schools, adults in the workplace, and families in the community through targeted initiatives that stress positive lifestyle choices. Our events, meetings, programs, and advertising campaigns reach tens of thousands of people every year. 

Each sponsor helps the Substance Abuse Coalition to Behavioral Health Coalition in reaching our goal of creating a drug-free community. 

So thank you for your generosity in supporting our critical mission. 

If you are interested in learn more, please contact Micah Robbins at 561-374-7627. He can create a customized sponsorship package that includes brand recognition and exposure in the community.

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