Substance Abuse -  Business Prevention

What can businesses do to reduce drugs and alcohol abuse in Palm Beach County?

A lot. 

First, let’s remember that we’re all in this together. The youth of today will be your employees tomorrow. So we all need to do our share in educating our young people about the dangers of using and abusing drugs and alcohol. 

Companies, big and small, can take many steps to prevent abusive behaviors caused by drugs.   

Here’s a big one: creating a drug-free workplace. 

These programs are the best line of defense against alcohol- or drug-related problems in your workplace as well as keeping those problems from spreading further into our community. Situations involving alcohol and other drugs can be difficult to manage, so it’s important to move forward with caution in addressing any problems. Click here for a guide on how to observe, document, and take action if your employees are abusing drugs.
In the workplace, all of us should also be concerning about whether the person working next to us may be drunk, high, or hung over.

Get this: Of the 19 million illicit drug users aged 18 or older in 2011, 65% (or 13.1 million people) were employed either full or part time.
When substance-abusing workers bring their problems to work, all employees are impacted. They increase the risk of accidents and injuries, both to themselves and their co-workers. They also reduce productivity, increase insurance costs and liability, and drain company profits. Learn more here on how to help colleagues struggling with drugs.

Businesses who sell alcohol also share responsibility in keeping our community safe.
One of the major problems we face in trying to reduce underage drinking in Palm Beach County is easy access to alcohol. A recent survey found that close to 15% of high school students who were able to get alcohol got it by buying it directly at local stores or bars.
Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition has set up a phone tip line to report anyone who buys for, sells to or provides alcohol to those under 21. Call 1-877-MEANS 21 to help us root out underage drinking. After all, alcohol kills more teens than ALL other drugs combined, so let’s not tolerate the actions of those who can hurt our young people. Get more information here on 877 MEANS 21 >.

What else can businesses do to stop the spread of drugs?

Join one of Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition’s task forces.

Sponsor one of our drug awareness events, like the annual gala and youth summits.

Or contact us to get a free responsible beverage server training.

You get the idea. Palm Beach County is our home. We all contribute to its tax base. So let’s be sure we can utilize every resource available to keep our community safe.


Get more information page on 887 means 21

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